Contact Class: 15 Nov (Thu) – 2 Dec (Sun), 2018


Students are encouraged to participate in the Himalaya Contact classes as there is no real substitute to learning directly from the guru. In addition to the lessons, some mantra initiations are also done during these classes which enable you to be a perfect jyotiṣa paṇḍita. Please note that students opting for certification will have to participate in the contact classes for one week (at least) in the third and fifth academic years i.e. PJC Year-3 and PJC Year-5 respectively.
Venue: Contact Classes are held at Bhimtal, Kumaon, Himalayas

15-11-2018 Thu Uccha Bala (27) Saptavargīya (17)
16-11-2018 Fri Oja-Yugma (20) Kendrādi (24), Drekkāṇa (8)
17-11-2018 Sat Digbala (11) Kāla Bala (6), Natonnata (10)
18-11-2018 Sun Pakṣa (18), Tribhāga (16) Varṣeśādi (33)
19-11-2018 Mon Graha Yuddha (17) Yuddha bala (9), Ayana (15)
20-11-2018 Tue Cheṣṭā (21), Naisargika (10) Dṛg (20),
21-11-2018 Wed
22-11-2018 Thu Bhāva Digbala (22), Bhāva Dṛgbala (19) Spaṣṭa Bala Use (7)
23-11-2018 Fri Ārūḍha Concept (22) Ārūḍha Lagna AL (32)
24-11-2018 Sat Ārūḍha Lābha Vyaya (35) Āruḍha Mṛtyu
25-11-2018 Sun Ārūḍha Bhāva (27) Ārūḍha Bhāva (23)
26-11-2018 Mon Dārāpada (10) Ārūḍha Rājayoga (18)
27-11-2018 Tue Upapada (7), Vivāha (6) UL2 Planets (18)
28-11-2018 Wed
29-11-2018 Thu UL Children (14) Other Āruḍha
30-11-2018 Fri Argala Bandhana & Mukti
01-12-2018 Sat Varṇadā Varṇadā Daśā
02-12-2018 Sun Tilādi lakṣana

Double Sharing is about Rs 1400/- Per person per day including all meals. Single Sharing Rs.2200/- Per person per day. This is an approximate cost for 2011 and is liable to change depending on the size of the group. You will be informed about this cost in advance to plan for the trip (pilgrimage) to the holy mountains. The cost includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid-morning and evening tea, wireless internet and taxes. Participants accompanied by spouse can avail of this cheap facility for family/spouse as well. Please book and pay directly to the hotel by getting in touch with Neelesh Gunwant at neelesh_inn@rediffmail.com . Kindly inform Sarbani Rath sarbani.rath@devaguru.com intent and number of family/spouse accompanying.

By cheque or direct deposit at the following bank A/C nos. favoring “Neelesh Inn”: (a) IDBI Bank, Bhimtal branch, Neelesh Inn A/C No. 404102000000082 OR (b) Axis Bank, Haldwani branch, Neelesh Inn A/C No. 584010200000268 OR (c) PayPal: neelesh_inn@rediffmail.com